Her.. Bottari

"What is BOTTARI...?"
The meaning of BOTTARI in Korean is TIED BUNDLE which means SHOPPING BAG used like ordinary containers for make your own collection.

"What is mission....?"
Her Bottari inspirations streaming from the latest fashion runway shows, to our worldwide trend sourcing network to our very own designers' creative minds
Our mission at Her Bottari is to present the newest and trendy styles with our unique sense of art elements.
We designed for the fast young and strikingly confident woman.
The fresh, trendy easy Casual Her Bottari woman illuminates her unmasked sense of style and attitude through our designs.
Also, the unique prints of HER..BOTTARI are all developed in-house, which will make your own collection richer.

We offer to our valuable customers to provide the exact merchandising at perfect time to meet the demand.
We also promise to provide the best service.